Badminton History, Rules and Records.

Exploring the Evolution of Badminton History, Racket, Court Size, Rules and Regulations

Badminton History, Rules and Records.

Badminton History, Rules and Records is originated in Siam, China over 2,000 years ago and it was bring to England in 1870 and it is a game like tennis but it somehow different from tennis because it can play in double and single. popularity of badminton increases in 1929.It become an Olympic game in 1992.According to Google the best player of badminton is Lin Dan which is from china.

Badminton History, Rules and Records is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. It is a game of large team but it is played between four members. Each team contain 2 players.

Badminton Racket

The badminton racket has five major parts, the head, the throat, the shaft, and the handle. The racket in it’s entirely is called a frame. The frame can have a maximum length of 680mm. while the overall width is restricted to 230mm.

Types of badminton Racket

There are generally three type/categories of badminton racket.

1. Head Heavy

It is type of racket in which more weight is distributed on head which give you more momentum in swing of racket due to which your smash become more deadly but it also have a disadvantage because in drops near the net become effortless due to which it is not get use full for front player but the backend player hit a deadly smash by it.

2. Head Light

It is a type of racket in which more weight is distribute on the handle and because of it is normally more popular in double. It is good for that player which want to play with speed because it is light weight that’s why it give player good opportunity to play with the speed.

3. Even WeightBadminton history, racket, court size, rules and regulations

Even Balance rackets are designed to provide a middle ground between Head-Heavy and Head-Light rackets, and attempt to offer the advantages of both, giving you enough power from the back and enough control & maneuverability at the front.

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There are five parts of Badminton Reacket which we going to describe one by one.

1. The Stringed area

This is quite self-explanatory – the stringed area is the netted part of the badminton racket with which the player intends to hit the shuttlecock. The BWF rules stipulate that the stringed area should be flat, and the pattern of cross strings should be alternatively interlaced where they cross with each other.

2. The head

The area which bound the strings is called the head. Normally the shape of head is oval which is used by the player which want more power in their when they hit the shuttlecock.

3. The Throat

This is the part of the racket which supports the head by providing a steady base and connects the head to the shaft. This is an optional part, as some badminton rackets directly connect the head to the shaft. In rackets that have no throat, the stringed area can be extended. There is a myth which says that which racket have the throat part break easily but it is not always true.

4. The Shaft

The shaft is the part of the racket which links the handle to the head or in some cases the throat of the badminton racket. It is the same thing which is called the throat.

5. The handle

The bottom-most part of the racket gripped by the player, the handle is arguably the most important part of badminton racket because of it you can grip the badminton racket and give a power full smash to the opponent.

Rules and Regulations of Badminton

A match consists of the best of 3 games of 21 points. Every time there is a serve there is a point scored. The side winning a rally adds a point to its score. At 20 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first, wins that game. At 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point, wins that game.

There are 5 serving rules in badminton for both doubles and singles: Both feet must be in contact with the floor when striking the shuttle. Your feet must not be touching any of the court lines. You must strike the cork, not the feather.

Court of Badminton

Badminton court, is metric view. The court is rectangular and divided into halves by a net. Courts are usually marked for both singles and doubles play, although badminton rules permit a court to be marked for singles only. The doubles court is wider than the singles court, but both are of the same length.

The badminton court is 13.4m long and 6.1m wide. For singles the court is marked 5.18m wide. The lines marking out the court are easily distinguishable and colored white or yellow.

This is some parts of badminton Court

The Net Line. The net line is the most important element on a badminton court.

The Badminton Net. Next, the badminton net is an integral part of a badminton court.

Badminton History, Rules and Records.

Two Asian badminton players have smashed their way to Guinness World Records for the fastest male and female hits. Malaysian Pearly Tan’s smash was recorded at 438kmh, while India’s Satwiksairaj Rankireddy’s was 565kmh, surpassing the previous record of 493km/h set in 2013 by Malaysian former world No. 1 Tan Boon Heong.

Now, we are going to tell you the best player in the history to badminton who did that things which a normal player can only imagine but they convert their dreams into reality by working hard in them and their passion for game and their hard work make them the best player of world.

The Indian hit the fastest badminton shot ever played, measuring at a speed of 565 km/hour, to break a 10-year-old record. India’s Satwiksairaj Rankireddy broke a decade-old Guinness world record for the fastest shot ever in badminton with an astonishing 565 km/hour smash.

Badminton is not only the game of men’s but also the game of women’s.

National player Pearly Tan has her name written in the Guinness World Records and badminton history books for achieving the fastest female badminton smash. The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) shared her remarkable achievement on their Face book page, stating that her smash was clocked at an incredible 438km/h.

Men’s Singles BWF Ranking Top 10

Rank    Country          Player Name

1          DEN                Viktor Axelsen

2          INA                 Anthony S Ginting

3          JPN                 Kodai Naraoka

4          THA                Kunlavut Vitidsarn

5          CHN                Shi Yu Qi

6          IND                 Prannoy H.S

7          CHN                Li Shi Feng

8          INA                 Jonatan Christie

9          SGP                 Loh Kean Yew

10        DEN                Anders Antonsen

Next Tournament of Badminton

The 2023 BWF Tour season will kick off with the Malaysia Open in January and will finish with the BWF World Tour Finals in December. The Next Badminton Tournament that will be played on the BWF World Tour 2023 will be the China Open, which will be held from the 5th to the 10th of September 2023.

Now we are going to tell you which country will host the badminton Olympics and the country which going to host the Olympics is Copenhagen, Denmark.

Benefits of Playing Badminton

There are a lot of benefits of playing badminton. This game help us to stay mentally and physically fits and help to lose the weight and also help our brain to work properly due to which you can stay healthy and fits rest of your life by playing badminton also by playing badminton you can spend quality time with your friend and family and if you play it on national level you can get scholar ship and money which helps you financially and according to me playing badminton is something which you can do every day to stay healthy and sharp.

Conclusion of badminton game

Badminton is start almost 2000 years ago and it is not that popular but with time it become more and more popular and now almost every person know how to play badminton and due to which people also giving attention to it. It also helps us to stay Healthy for the rest of life.

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